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Best 5 Apps To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs feel like an extra member of the family, and you want to keep them healthy and safe for as long as possible so that you can both enjoy a long and happy future together. For the most part, keeping your dog healthy entails giving them a well-balanced and nutritious diet, ensuring they receive plenty of exercise and giving them the mental stimulation and love they need and deserve. As helpful as the following apps are, they shouldn’t in any way be used in the place of seeking veterinary advice should you be concerned for the welfare of your pooch at any time.


If you’ve ever wanted to find out which hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and more welcome dogs, then you should consider downloading BringFido and bringing your dog to the dog-friendly joints in town, so to speak. These places will cater for dogs, and have necessary equipment on hand should you need it. Since dogs are on the guest list, you’ll be able to spend time with other dog owners and find out more about caring for your dog, and other useful tips and tricks.


If you’re going to download just one of the apps from this list, let it be this one. PeToxins lists which plants, flowers, shrubs, and any other organic matter that could be dangerous, and even potentially fatal should your dog consume them. This app is extremely useful for dog owners who want to ensure that their garden is safe for their dog to explore, and to know what to look out for when walking their pets in the open.


This app lets you search for puppies that need a home. What could be more appealing than finding a puppy in need of your love and attention, bringing it home, and welcoming it into your family? Having said this, owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and you need to be 100% sure that you have the time to keep it company throughout the day, to train it, that you have enough money to feed it and pay for veterinary costs, as well as the time and energy to take it for long walks.


iCam is, as you expected, a camera that attaches to your dog’s collar so that you can see where they are, and what they’re interacting with. You can use the app from your phone, and open it to find out exactly where your dog is at any given moment. If you’re concerned about your dog when you’re at work, then with the help of this app, you could ask a neighbour to check on them. That’s pretty useful, right?


This ingenious app allows you to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts using a GPS attachment fitted to their collar. All you have to do is set the device up to your mobile phone (available on iPhone and Android), and you’ll receive a message when your pooch has gone beyond the boundary you set. This app could save you considerable time and effort if your dog is partial to taking to its heels in hot pursuit of small furry animals. Tagg also helps you stay on top of how much exercise your dog is getting and whether it’s enough given their breed, weight, and age.

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