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Easy 5 Step Guide To Starting A Dog Walking Business On A Budget

It’s estimated that the people of the UK spend in excess of £4bn on their beloved pets each year, and the average dog walker is thought to earn 20% more than the average UK salary – that’s a huge incentive to start walking canines. To be a dog walker, you need to love dogs, and genuinely care for their welfare. You need to ensure that they’re kept safe, and you should, ideally, own or have owned dogs for some years. You should also have a thorough grasp of dog behaviour, and if you don’t then, it’s well worth investing in behavioural training lessons.

Start A Website

In order to start a successful dog walking business, you’ll need to offer your services online for all to see. What’s more, your website should stand out from the rest and list your competitive prices. Before deciding on one website host and design agency, be sure to look around properly and compare what you find. Resist choosing the first provider you stumble across and instead conduct some thorough research. Consider using an agency that offers a 30 -day money back guarantee, as well as a pay monthly solution that doesn’t tie you into a year-long contract, and is free from setup cost.

Gain The Proper Cover And Insurance

Dog walkers need certain requirements before they can make their hobby a business, and they must seek public liability insurance. You need to be held responsible if you’re at fault and dogs under your care are injured or injure other dogs, for example. You’ll need to register your company, as well as abide by the owner’s instructions as long as they’re not in breach of your own or the dog’s safety. If you don’t have the funds to start your business just yet, then consider taking out a small loan and paying it back once your business has become profitable.

Second-Hand Equipment

There’s no need to purchase leads, toys, water bottles, and bowls all brand new. Instead, you can get them second hand as long as they’ve been properly sterilised, disinfected and are all in good working order. Shop in outlets when you’re getting started, and use the owner of the dog’s equipment before you have your own.

Plan Convenient Routes

You’re going to need an expert understanding of the local area if you’re planning to start your dog walking business on a budget, as this way you won’t have to drive to places in order to walk in the countryside (preferably). If you’re starting your business in a city, then you’re still going to have to know your way about. Having extensive knowledge of the area around you is going to help you save money on petrol as you can walk and find your own way to where you want to get.

Spread The Word

Offer your services locally, in newspapers, magazines, using flyers, and posters in shop windows. Once you’ve started to get into the swing of things, and you’re regularly walking the same dogs, then your news of your services will spread through recommendation and hearsay. Ask your friends and family to post information on their social media accounts, as well as doing the same on yours.

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