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Guest Blog – Joyful Paws

Hello name is Joy Yeates, and I am a professional dog trainer and dog walker. I have offered 1-2-1 behaviour consultations and dog training/socialisation to clients for many, many (many!) years, but always by word of mouth. However, I recently decided to take the plunge and leave my well-paid, but very stressful, job in freight forwarding to set up my own business, ‘Joyful Paws’, so that I could focus all of my energy full time into helping dogs and owners.

I have over 28 years of experience with dogs, and after many years of studying under the very best of dog behaviourists (John Rogerson, Turid Rugaas, Sheila Harper, amongst others), I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about dog behaviour. I personally offer an holistic approach to training, not only teaching motivational, reward-based training techniques, but also the opportunity for owners to learn about how their dogs communicate with each other and with their humans, thus ensuring that owners can go on to live harmonious lives with their beloved pet dogs, who in turn become well-trained, sociable companions who are a pleasure to be around.

I offer a number of services in addition to my behaviour and training work, including dog walking, a pet taxi service, and animal Reiki Healing as I’m also a qualified Reiki practitioner. Setting up ‘Joyful Paws’ is the best thing that I have ever done, and I really don’t miss working in an office environment one little bit! I now have the pleasure of helping owners to train their adorable puppies, correcting their exuberant, if ‘naughty’ dogs, and I also take pleasurable walks whilst exercising dogs for those owners who work long hours.

Dog walking is only a small part of what I do, but it is a very enjoyable part. I don’t rent fields to ‘walk’ huge groups of dogs, as many other services do, but instead offer individual walks to dogs which ensures that dogs have my full attention at all times, and also that they have stimulating walks, to boot.

I suppose it must seem the ‘dream job’ to outsiders looking in, and to a degree, it really is; but it’s also a massive responsibility to have owners entrust the care of their beloved dogs to me. After all, these dogs really are their family, so I have a real duty of care to ensure that their dogs are kept safe at all times. It’s a real privilege, actually, when you think about it; you wouldn’t leave your children with just anyone!

It’s also important to remember that yes, during these glorious sunny, summer days, it’s really lovely being out and about walking clients’ dogs, but there’s also a downside; we still have to go out when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring, and trust me, that really isn’t quite so much fun ! Particularly because the dogs themselves often don’t want to go out in the bad weather !!
I will be blogging for Pawz4Thought on a regular basis, so watch closely for more updates on my exploits!

Goodbye for now,

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