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Starting A Dog Walking Business Within 2 Weeks

Starting a dog business is a very attractive proposition for many individuals looking to start out as self-employed. Having worked with numerous start-up dog walking businesses we believe that we have a few tips that could help you get on the right track to success.

Here is our list of tried and tested steps, that you can do in the next two weeks, that will help get your dog walking business off the ground.




Firstly the branding of your dog walking business says a huge amount about your business, it showcases the quality of your service, it shows the customer roughly whether your a high-end or low-end service provider, it also shows whether you are trustworthy & creative. Therefore your branding shouldn’t be taken lightly, however, we understand that when starting a dog walking business you may not have thousands of pounds to spend on a branding exercise. Our recommendation is to use a website like or to find a branding expert on a small budget. The goal is to purchase a creative, affordable logo design that your business can build ontop of.


Top Tip: Ensure that you receive the logo as a vector format as this will allow you to create branding materials such as business cards leaflets and even car signage with your new logo.




A website is a hugely important tool for your dog walking business, not only to attract new customers but also as showcasing your fantastic stories & achievements. Be sure to post regularly, blog frequently & display fantastic testimonials for future customers to look through. Dog owners want to ensure that they are leaving their dogs in safe hands, a website is a great way of achieving this.


We understand setting up a website can seem like quite a scary & expensive step. Don’t worry, we have taken all of the hard work out of this process, visit the create a website page for further information.



A great way to attract new business in a very cost-effective manner is to use the branding you completed in the first exercise & create a very simple leaflet. Simply ensure that the leaflet has your logo, contact details, a rough price guide & information about the types of dogs you work with. If you can include an image of you or of one of your walks, this can extremely increase your callbacks. You don’t need to hire a company, as you can deliver them yourself by hand. Leaflet drops will really help you drum up new business within your local area. This is even more important, as it allows you to attract customers close to you saving you time and travel expenses between walks.




We recommend you join your local Chamber of Commerce who will be able to assist with scaling your business & putting in place terms and conditions & other business documents. They meet weekly & host small networking events that you can attend in order to help spread the word about your new dog walking business. Not only that, their is great opportunities to promote your business at large quarterly expo’s allowing you to get a stall to promote your business on a much larger scale this is a fantastic way of growing your business.


Social Media


Social media is a fantastic tool to help promote your small dog walking business and we recommend that you are a frequent Facebook and Instagram poster. Update everyone with you most recent photos of your walks and encourage people to like & share your page. Encouraging customers to leave testimonials is another great way to attract new business.

What are you waiting for?


The above 5 activities you can complete easily in the next two weeks & will help take you from novice to generating your first customers and to building a business that is scalable. If you need any help please contact our support team and will assist you best we can.

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