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Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

Your pet pooch feels like part of the family, so it’s only natural to want to enjoy your holiday with your dog in hot pursuit. If you’re going abroad, then your dog will require its own passport, and will also need to be vaccinated against potentially dangerous viruses and diseases. Before you leave, make a list of what you need and also what your dog needs – you’ll have to think ahead to ensure that you’ve packed for everyone going on holiday; both human and canine. First and foremost, you need to look out for your dog’s safety, so it should be microchipped (a legal requirement in both England and Wales) and kept on a lead if partial to roaming and chasing small animals, or sheep.

Find Dog-Friendly Places To Stay

When looking for accommodation, make sure to check whether or not they accept dogs. If you’re unsure as to whether they do, then contact them directly to ask if you can bring your dog. The last thing you want is to get on site and discover that they operate a no pet policy. To make sure you get the very most out of your stay, look for hotels that are dog-friendly, as well as restaurants and beaches, as this way you can keep your pet at your side at all times.

Prepare Their Passport

If you’re planning on taking your pooch abroad, then it’s going to need its own passport before travelling. This passport must be issued by a vet to certify that your dog is microchipped, and has a rabies vaccination. These passports cost around £40 including the stamping fee, and the appointment to obtain one should be arranged well before your departure date to make sure your dog is ready and waiting to come with you.

Go Away In A Camper Van

Consider having a camping holiday, and taking your dog along with you. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding a place that allows dogs, and you can keep your dog safely in the back – in a crate and strapped in using a specialised seatbelt designed to keep them secure during transit. Having your dog with you can also provide extra security – not to mention the benefit of their company too. Your camper should be well ventilated if you’re going to sleep in it, for your sake and your dog’s. Ensure that your dog always has access to fresh water, and never leave them in your parked camper on a hot day. Temperatures can soar to dangerous heights during the summer, which can kill your dog in a matter of minutes. Plainly and simply; never take the risk.

Get All The Necessary Vaccinations

Before departing for your holiday, make sure that your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations, medications, and treatments. Your dog will need to have had their annual vaccinations along with any booster shots required before you travel. A full health check is necessary, as is a kennel cough vaccination. Your dog should be receiving tick and flea treatment all year round, but it’s especially important to give them this treatment before you leave for your summer holiday – as this is the time when these parasites are most prevalent.

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